Our Dental Services

Your Ontario Dentist, Dr. Wettstein, DMD, delivers exceptional care as he restores your oral health and the natural beauty of your smile. Our conveniently located Dental Office in Ontario, Oregon is equipped with the safest and advanced dental technology for all levels of dental treatments. Below are the list of Dental Services and procedures we provide to children, adults and seniors.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Now you can eat virtually anything and smile with confidence, plus implants solve denture problems for the rest of your life!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can give you a smile you’re happy to show off. Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever for you to have a bright, even smile. It may involve veneers or simple teeth whitening.

Teeth Cleaning

Even with careful brushing and flossing, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and peridontal disease. We remove tartar and plaque, then polish the teeth.

Root Canals

Due to advanced dental technology, a root canal is a fast and comfortable procedure, ending your pain quickly. Endodontic treatment can relieve the pain caused by diseased or injured pulp tissue in the center of the tooth. Now you can eat and fuction normally.

Teeth Whitening

We use teeth whitening technology to enhance your personal appearance. Your experience will be carefree as our professional whitening system is safe and effective when compared to over-the-counter teeth whitening products.


We create removable, permanent, and implant-retained dental appliances, including partial and full dentures, using modern materials to create beautiful custom dentures that will last for years to come without frequent visits to the dentist


Veneers are made from composite resins, acrylic material, or porcelain. In the process of applying a veneer, a small amount of tooth enamel is usually removed, and anesthetic may be required depending on the way the tooth is prepared. The procedure requires just a few appointments.


Bonding can improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, broken, cracked, stained, or gapped. Tooth-colored materials are attached, or bonded, to a tooth surface. The process can improve unsightly stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, or some childhood medications; front-tooth gaps; and cracks or chips, as well as exposed tooth roots. Bonding usually lasts from three to five years.

Enamel Shaping

Enamel shaping is a process of shaping, or contouring natural teeth to improve their overall appearance. When teeth are slightly crowded or uneven, or when eye teeth appear too long, enamel shaping may be used to correct the flaw. The process, which is often combined with bonding, is usually quick and comfortable. No anesthesia is necessary. Enamel shaping should be approached with caution, however, because enamel cannot be replaced.


Your teeth are covered with a sticky film of bacteria, called plaque. The bacteria convert the sugar or starch in food into harmful acids that attach tooth enamel for up to 20 minutes after eating. Eventually this can lead to cavities. Sealants can protect parts of the tooth, particularly pits and fissures in permanent molars, from plaque and food. They can also stop small areas of decay from becoming larger.


A crown covers a tooth to restore its normal shape and size. The cap is placed on teeth that have lost a lot of their structure-- dental crowns range from full porcelain to full metal.


Dental bridges can preserve the integrity of existing teeth and help maintain a healthy smile by bridging the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge can be fixed or removable.


Fillings are often used to care for cavities. Cavities are also known as dental decay and arise from lack of routine cleaning or constant contact with an acid environment, sugary foods, or soda drinks.

Emergency Dental

We keep a chair open daily for urgent dental care needs. We also make special after hours appointments nights and weekends. Call right now, 541-889-6666

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